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Sail Guard - 2'li Paket

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78,75 TL (KDV Dahil)
Aronowitsch & lyth AB
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A long standing problem for sailors has been how to contend with the wear and tear of sails when exposed to contact with spars and rigging. Another problem is that the foot of the genoa often gets caught on the lifeline stanchions and has to be lifted.  This brings about a shortened lifespan of the sails as well as an increased risk of tear.

 - the wheel which facilitates tacking and protects the sails!

SAILGUARD is a split plastic wheel which allows it to be fitted on the lifelines, shrouds, stays and other parts of the rigging without removing the wire and may be snapped closed to ensure the wheel remains in place. The centre hole is 6,5 mm and can be widened by boring up to 9 mm when necessary.

SAILGUARD allows the sails to ride over and beyond obstructions by its rolling action. The wear and tear when tacking is thereby reduced and SAILGUARD clearly protects the sails in an ingeniously simple way.

A few hints:

To facilitate the genoa to roll over the lifeline, which should be stretched, the first SAILGUARD should be placed some way in front of the forward lifeline stanchion, the next one is placed just ahead of it and so on. The optimum number and placing of SAILGUARD differs from boat to boat, depending on for example, the cutting of the sails.
The plastic cord holding the locking device should not be removed.
To increase the contact surface against the sails on bigger boats and also when it is necessary to enlarge the center hole of SAILGUARD, it is recommended that SAILGUARD is placed in pairs, joined by tape.
An additional use of SAILGUARD is to locate several units at the position where the dinghy is often hauled on board. Positioning of SAILGUARD in this location eases lifting of an otherwise awkward load.
SAILGUARD is made of a white UV-stabilized plastic, especially made for its purpose, and is almost unbreakable.


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