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Fend Fix XL - 2'li Paket

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189,00 TL (KDV Dahil)
Aronowitsch & lyth AB
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 "Everyone has a good reason to buy them" Motorboats Monthly October/2010
"I have used Fend-Fix for many years and I can strongly recommend it" Fiske for Alla 4/2007
"Fend-Fix is an excellent way to solve the problem with fastening the fenders" Praktiskt Batagande 7/2005
"A ingenious design with a fabulous simple operation" Batnytt 6/2002
"The small clothe-peg looking Fend-Fix works excellent and is single handed operated." Vi Batagare 7/1993 

The single-handed fender fastener control!

Who does not feel uncomfortable faced with the toilsome task of fastening the fender ropes on the lifeline? Both hands are needed and not yet fastened fenders have to be put away on the deck running the risk of rolling overboard. Rarely the height setting is correct from the beginning leading to laborious after-adjustments. To prevent the fender from sliding sideways the fender rope has to be tied so hard round the lifeline that it is sometimes difficult to untie. If the boat is rocking the fender-handling is even more difficult to master.

A good fender fastener control is making it easier but the ones on the market have not become any popular since they for different reasons have not functioned as would be desired.


Is single-handed controlled!
Fastening, height- and lateral adjustment and also removal of the fender is easy and speedy. The other hand is free to e.g. hold oneself with or to carry the remaining fenders.
Is constructed in such a way that it resists lateral sliding on the lifeline. A springy locking device is holding it on the lifeline during different hard conditions.

FEND-FIX XL fits diameter 20 - 25 mm rails and diameter 4 - 8 mm fender ropes.  The outside measurements are 95x45x25 mm.

Is spool-shapely designed made of a strong and weatherproof plastic. The outside measurements are 80x30x25 mm


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